Joining The Waiting List

Due to such high demand, we moved to using a waiting list. The process is simple. When you are ready to join the waiting list, we ask you to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit. This shows good faith on the customer’s part and allows us to hold your spot on the waiting list. Your $50 deposit will be credited to the final price of the hedgie you choose. This will also get you access to our private Facebook group where you will get to see the first photos of the new babies before the general public. If for any reason you are unable or decide against choosing a hedgehog from the current litter, you can be re-added to a waiting list in the future without paying an additional deposit. We just ask that you let us know when you decide to pass on the current round.

When new litters are available, the waiting list will get to choose in the order that the deposit was paid. Once it is your turn to choose, you will be contacted via Facebook messenger. You will have 24 hours to choose which hedgie you want before we allow the next person in line to choose. To claim your baby hedgehog, simply comment on the photo of the one you want. After you choose, we as that you send the True North Hedgehog page a Facebook message stating if you would like local pickup in Springfield, Missouri or if you would like to take advantage of delivery service. If you opt for local pickup, we ask that babies are picked up within 45 days of their earliest ready date. Otherwise, we will charge a boarding fee of $25 a week.


 Waiting List Etiquette

We have a few requests to help the process go as smooth as possible.

Please ask any questions you may have via Facebook messenger as early in the process as possible to reduce any delays in the selection process.

Please don't comment on any of the available baby posts until it is your time to choose. This will help reduce confusion around which babies are still available.

When it is your turn to choose, please do so as soon as possible. This will help move the selection process along as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Once you pick, please do not change your selection.

If decide to defer your turn, please let us know as soon as possible. Additionally, please send us a direct message of when you would like to get back on the waiting list.